Donna's #6


baby cornFor many travelers, Donna's #6 Produce is a migratory and mandatory stop on the road home. Each year thousands of Mississippi natives longing for a taste of home swing into a bustling road-side shop on US Highway 49 just south of Jackson. Open year-round, Donna's sells the freshest bounty of each season, harvested by local and regional growers.  From the start of the growing season, you'll find food that tastes like it should: grown in southern soil and tended from farm to table by people that love the fruits of their labor.

If you want to share the flavors of Donna's #6 with your friends and family, swing into our sweet shop and gift shop. Some of the best pickin's of the season make their way into our homemade breads and candies. We offer local favorites like our famous sweet potato roll (a roll of sweet potato bread, cream cheese icing, and pecans), classics like banana nut bread, apple nut bread, and carrot loaf, and holiday favorites such as fudge and divinity. All of our treats are homemade by our family, so unless you tell yours, no one will be able to tell the difference!

Whether your road back home is five miles or five hundred, you get a taste of something you've been missing at Donna's #6.

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We also carry a full line of T-shirts in our gift shop