Donna's #6


  1. What is a boiled peanut?
  2. Do you really make your own ice cream?
  3. What are satsumas?
  4. How long can preserves be kept?
  1. What is a boiled peanut?

    A boiled peanut is simply a peanut that has been boiled in water, salt, and sometimes additional seasonings. They are a favorite summer snack for baseball games, vacations, and afternoons in the park. The softened shells peel easily, exposing the moist and flavorful peanuts inside. Boiled peanuts are one of our most popular offerings. We have three 125-quart cookers boiling peanuts constantly all summer long. It's one of the many reasons Donna's #6 is a traditional stop on the family vacation route.
  2. Do you really make your own ice cream?

    Yes, we really do make our own ice cream right here in the store. Sidney makes all of our flavors in a stainless steel machine with an old, crank-style cylinder. Each flavor is packed with fresh ingredients such as strawberries, bananas, peaches, pistachios, pecans, cookie dough, and even cheesecake. Sidney salts and roasts pecans for the butter pecan ice cream. Even the bananas we use to make banana ice cream is made with fresh bananas!

    All of our ice cream is made of 14% butter fat, which makes it smoother and creamier than most air-whipped, store-bought varieties. It's worth the indulgence to know that all of our ingredients are  lovingly prepared “here in our kitchen”.

    Cookie Dough
    Strawberry Cheesecake
    Butter Pecan
    Black Walnut
    Pecan Praline
    Butter Finger
    Blue berries &cream
  3. What are satsumas?

    Satsumas are a variety of Mandarin oranges that grow beautifully in Louisiana and south Mississippi. Often called satsuma tangerines, satsumas are slightly smaller than regular oranges and have a distinctive sweetness. They are also easy to peel and seedless, which make satsumas perfect for a quick snack .
  4. How long can preserves be kept?

    Unopened preserves can be stored up to a year. However, once jars have been been opened, preserves must be refrigerated. After six months of refrigeration, discard all open containers of preserves.