Donna's #6

Our History

historyC.T. and Carolyn Morgan had been in the produce business most of their lives before moving their shop from Raleigh, Mississippi, to its new home in Florence, Mississippi, in 1976. They named the new store Donna's #6 Produce after their daughter, six-year-old Donna, the youngest of six children. The new location was perfect for showcasing the Morgan's incomparable selection of regionally-grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, jams, and jellies,  and the store quickly became one of the most chronicled businesses in central Mississippi. Donna's #6 has been featured in the Clarion Ledger, the Rankin County News, the Rankin Ledger, Mississippi Roads, and Looking Around Mississippi with Walt Grayson.

After over thirty years in business, Donna's #6 Produce is more of a home than a store. Each of the six children have contributed to its thriving history. In 1998, Donna Harrell, for whom the shop is named, stepped forward to shoulder the burden of daily management and planning. After decades of bursting at the seams in their tiny shop, the family decided to renovate. Together Carolyn, Donna, and her husband, Sidney, designed and built the new, much larger building with both an open-air produce market and an air-conditioned gift shop and sweet shop where they make their famous homemade ice cream. During the six months of renovation, the business was temporarily relocated to the historic Mississippi Agricultural Museum. In October of 2000, Donna's #6 reopened in its original location on Highway 49.

Donna and her family have spent their lives cultivating a relationship with local farmers. In a cycle much like that of mother nature, Donna has found the most reliable farmers who can be counted on to produce a healthy, hearty crop. The farmers in turn count on Donna to offer a fair price. In this business, respect for both customers and farmers means better food on the table.