Donna's #6

Our Mission

A Message from Donna:

Donna's #6 Produce is not only my namesake, but my parent's legacy. Each day, whether I'm be hauling produce or I'm stocking the counter with preserves, I work to continue a tradition that I will be proud to pass to my children. Sourcing and selling produce is a hard living, so people like me, whose livelihood comes from the soil, have to love what they do.

Every member of my family is a part of Donna's #6. My sisters, aunts, nieces, nephews, and even brothers-in-law help when they can. It might be picking up supplies, helping Sidney with maintenance jobs, babysitting, keeping up with the chores at home, making candy at the store, or simply working  weekends when they are not on their regular jobs. It really takes everyone to help to make it all possible. That’s why we are such a close family. It was our parents' prayer that we would stay close after they were gone. (Mama & Daddy, I hope you are proud!).

I get immense satisfaction from being able to offer food that people can't get anywhere else. Many items like our satsumas, pecans, sweet potatoes, boiled peanuts, muscadines, and mayhaw jelly are only available in this region or simply don't taste the same when grown elsewhere. My family's store has become an annual stop for many families traveling to and from Mississippi. Some even plan their vacations around when a certain crop will be available. I send families back with crates of satsumas to Arkansas, bags of pecans to Chicago, and links of pure pork smoked sausage to Minnesota so they can always have a taste of home. Seeing the same faces every year, many passersby have become like my own family.

Nothing reminds us of home more than the food we grew up with. Come on into the store and start some traditions of your own.

- Donna Harrell