Donna's #6

Our Staff

Donna Harrell

Donna Harrell spent her childhood in her parent's produce shop. She, her four sisters, and one brother celebrated birthdays, graduations, weddings, and family reunions in the store at the center of her family's life. She moved away briefly to start her own family in Carthage, Mississippi, but when her father passed away, she knew her mother would need her help to keep it going.  It had been a long time dream for her and her mother to expand the business.  With Sidney's help it was possible.

Donna relies on the experience and wisdom she learned from her parents, with whom she has been in every stage of the produce trade – farming, transporting, and selling. Running Donna's #6 takes most of her time, but she really enjoys it and takes pride in what she does.   Donna takes every customer's questions to heart. Whether the question is about where the produce was grown, how to store it, or what recipes fit best, she and her family will find the right answer.

Sidney Harrell

Sidney Harrell worked for many years as an offshore welder before joining his wife Donna in the family business. His experience with long hours and heavy lifting prepared him well for the labor-intensive job of running one of the largest produce shops in Mississippi. Sidney built the new building in 2000 with his own hands and helped oversee the design with Donna and her mother Carolyn.

On any given day, Sidney can be found hauling a truckload of tomatoes, unloading crates of preserves, or scooping boiled peanuts for delighted customers. However, his greatest joy comes from making homemade ice cream. Each of the more than fifteen ice cream recipes is an original creation which Sidney tweaked to perfection.