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Tips & Tricks

Freezing and Storing Nuts

With crisp winds and autumn leaves come our incredible selection of nuts. Local green peanuts start to arrive as early as July, but most of our premium nuts aren't available until November. We buy only graded, brushed, and blown nuts to insure we offer the finest quality pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, and peanuts. If stored at room temperature, our nuts stay fresh until May or June of the following year. However, as summer starts to set in, nuts need to be either frozen or discarded.

Freezing nuts is as simple as loading them in a zip-top bag and dropping them in the freezer. One exception is dried peanuts. While green peanuts can be frozen directly in the shell, dried peanuts should be shelled prior to freezing, otherwise the moisture from the freezer permeates the hull. Frozen nuts can be kept up to an additional year!